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San Joaquin Valley Solar, Guaranteed to Last

What’s more is that when you trust Five Star Solar to install Panasonic solar panels to power your home, farm, or agricultural business, you can have the peace of mind that comes with the unprecedented Five Star Warranty. We design our solar PV systems to last up to 40 years, and the Five Star Warranty will guarantee the efficiency and workmanship of your solar installation for 25 years. So you can rest easy knowing that your Panasonic solar panels will provide that fastest payback period possible, and the efficiency of your system is guaranteed for decades of energy!

Choosing the right solar panels for your new solar installation can be a big decision. Your solar photovoltaic (PV) system should last for decades, and the more efficient your solar panels are from the get-go, the quicker the payback period on your solar investment. That may have you asking:

  • Which solar panels provide the most electricity?

  • How long will my panels last?

  • Which solar installation company will provide the best warranty?


This is why Five Star Solar is the only certified installer of Panasonic premium HIT® solar panels throughout the Central Valley, including San Joaquin County, Stockton, Manteca, Lathrop, & Ripon, CA. We have been installing the best in Panasonic solar technology in California’s Central Valley since 2006. Our solar installation team takes pride in our local expertise in “providing the power” for homeowners, farmers, and agricultural business owners through the expert installation of the best solar panels available. Here is what sets Panasonic’s HIT Technology apart.

Built for Durability & Efficiency

Panasonic has gone to painstaking measures to develop a better, longer-lasting, more efficient solar panel so that you can squeeze the maximum out of the California sunshine. The Panasonic high-performance advantage includes:


  • Remarkably high-efficiency solar cells for higher long-term energy output.

  • Panasonic HIT solar panels utilize an innovative pyramid structure. This means your solar panels absorb more sunlight and generate more electricity for your home.

  • Dual-sided cells multiply energy output exponentially. Available sunlight is captured from both sides of the panel, converting more sunlight into electricity.

  • Higher performance at high temperatures — Panasonic solar panels feature an industry-leading temperature coefficient of -0.258% /⁰C, delivering peak efficiency, even during the heat of the California summer.

  • Smart water drainage design prevents rainwater accumulation and eliminates water stains from the panel surface.

  • Panasonic’s stringent performance and durability testing means you get decades of guaranteed solar panel performance.


Are you looking for the best in solar panel technology, installed by the Central Valley’s local experts? Contact Five Star Solar today. Call us at 1-855-782-7765 or contact us.