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January 14, 2015

There are a great many advantages to be gained when you go solar. You and your family or your business will soon start to enjoy the benefits of using renewable energy. Here are five reasons to go solar now!

  • You will reduce or eliminate your electric bills.

When you go solar with a panel system, you will start generating energy for free. It may not happen until the system has been in use for a while. Still, even when your system produces less energy than the amount you use, you will be saving a lot of money on electric bills that would otherwise be a significant drain on your household budget.

  • The value of your home will increase.

When property appraisers put a value on a home that is to be sold, they take solar installation into account. Purchasers are also becoming better educated, and there is a growing demand for solar-powered properties. Homes and other buildings using renewable energy are already selling faster and at a higher price than those without.

  • Your investment will bring you a better financial return.

Compared to bonds or stocks, the money you spend when you go solar can get a better financial return. Money saved on utility bills alone makes it profitable, and if you are also part of a scheme where you profit from the energy than you do not use, then your potential ROI is even higher.

  • You will be helping your country.

Oil consumption in the US is higher than the amount produced from our oil fields, so the country is dependent on overseas oil supplies, and some of these sources also have links to terrorism. When you go solar, therefore, you are helping your country towards becoming less dependent on imported oil.

  • You will reduce your carbon footprint.

Almost 35% of US carbon emissions come from the energy consumed by buildings. A single solar power system can reduce these emissions by three to four tons a year, so your personal carbon footprint will be significantly reduced when you decide to go solar. The impact you make on the environment will be equal to planting more than a hundred trees each year.

These are just some of the personal benefits, economic and environmental advantages to be gained by using solar power at home or in the workplace.