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August 16, 2013

You haven’t seen amazing until you’ve witnessed Solar Freakin Roadways!

This is the future, and it looks like Tron!

Imagine every road, interstate, highway, parking lot, driveway, and basketball court in America made of pure 100% USA invented solar panels! How about three times the amount of power consumed by America generated every day for free! Aside from the immense benefits of 300% energy independence, how about the fact that they are pressure-sensitive, full of responsive led lights, and more durable than asphalt! Quarter million-pound semi-trucks, no problem, no potholes, no cracks, and even if a meteor from out space lands on them and actually manages to break em, they’re sectional and can be replaced easily.

This is clearly the future for worldwide energy independence, and did I mention yet that they can produce heat! That’s right, bye-bye archaic snow plows and snow shovels, who needs em? Safe, self-sustaining solar roadways are the future. Check out their site here. More questions view the FAQs, or if you’re feeling generous and want to see the benefits of solar roadways in your home town, donate now and get some solar roadway swag and a thank you at indigo go.

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